enhance and develop the athleticism and physique of youngchildren

Bigger, Higher, Stronger


Enhancing and developing the athleticism and physique of young children and teaching them to overcome challenging tasks by performing various exercises and sports.

Educational Ideology

Learning the ability to perform different physical education activities and achieving the comprehensive development of both mentality and physique.

Corporate Vision

A comprehensive edutainment center for children


KWZ Strong is a training program designed to enhance and develop the athleticism and physique of youngchildren and teach them to overcome challenging tasksby performing various exercises and sports. 

KWZ Strong program offers not only the physical trainingitself, but we also mix up with exciting sports activities,such as football, basketball, mini golf, badminton, etc.to provide the experience of the most comprehensiveathletic training program.

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Grow with physical education activities and sports

Children aged 5 to 10 need comprehensive development in both mentality and physique as they grow older. 

Participating in our physical challenges developed by the KWZ Strong team and exciting indoor sports, children have the chance to gain healthy benefits, such as agility, endurance, flexibility and balance. In addition, children also benefit from social skills with other children of different ages, such as self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, sense of responsibility and making new friends.

is designed to enhance and develop the athleticism and physique of young children

Our Program

5 - 6 years old


What: Basic phisical exercises, stretching and fun sports activites

Why: Help children to adopt a habit of playing sports and develop their physical and mental attributes by participating athletic activities

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7 - 8 years old


What: Learning about team sports coodination exercises, teamwork and competions through various sports and exercises

Why: This particular age group is the most important phase for one's future phýical growth. KWZ Strong is design to enhance children's physical development through competitive physical activities

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New challenges every week

Children can immerse themselves into different challenges developed and changed everyweek to encourage their physical ability and enjoyment

Passionate teacher

KWZ teacher always show their dedication, motivation and competence through KWZ Strong's training sessions.

High - quality training tools

Various training equipments are avaiable to boost children's performance and improve their effciency. Moreover, the quipments are always inspented forsafety of children

Detail-oriented program

To pursue our slogan "Bigger, Higher, Stronger", KWZ Strong is specifically designed to help with children's both physical and mental health, with detailed and well-planned curriculums

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What Parents Say

Where skills flourish, confidence grows, and a love for learning takes root, as echoed by Kiwooza Friends